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The Skill Shortage

The skill shortages currently facing the Health sector is a growing concern. From an employer's perspective, with limited availability to skilled talent, being positioned as an 'employer of choice' with a strategic employment brand strategy is key to retaining and attracting skill. 

If you haven't already committed to an employment branding strategy, start by assessing the state of your current employment brand:

  • What culture does your organisation and team have?
  • What progression plans do you have in place? 
  • Do you offer any extraordinary points of difference from other organisations? For example, birthdays off or community volunteering days?
  • Is work life balance encouraged?
  • What is the lifestyle like in your town, region, or city?
  • Is their affordable housing or accommodation in your community? 

Now take a moment to consider how your employment brand is positioned in the market in comparison to other organisations:

  • Is your employment brand attractive?
  • Is it attractive for local talent or skill? 
  • Is it attractive for national talent or skill to consider relocating? 
  • What about International talent or skill, is your employment brand competitive?

Addressing the talent shortage we're are facing by identifying the benefits of 'working for my organisation' and 'in my local community' allows you to identify how your employment brand is positioned in the employment market. Whether you're building your existing pipeline of skill, or attempting to source candidates  locally, nationally, or internationally, know how your organisation is placed in the market. Ultimately, to retain and attract skill, your employment brand needs to be competitive and attractive.