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Is your organisation capable of retaining top talent?

Increased skill shortages in the Health, Medical, and Social Services sectors emphasise that the retention of skilled employees is more critical than ever before. 

The ultimate outcome sees organisations achieving retention of existing employees through engaging employment branding strategies that depict and represent an organisations culture, values, and alignment to the motivations of their people.  Understanding what motivates employees sets an organisations employment brand and therefore retention strategies up for success.  Common employee motivators include:

  • The leadership and management style 
  • Burnout/workload
  • Organisational culture and values
  • Career pathways and progression opportunities
  • Feedback and engagement - sense of value and worthiness

Regardless of the discipline having high or low access to skill, retaining professionals still requires organisational culture and values that align to employee motivations, visible and engaged leadership, and career progression opportunities. As an employer, ask yourself:

  • What motivates your current team to stay with your organisation?
  • What does your organisations employment brand represent?
  • Does your current team represent and believe in your employment brand?

If you couldn't answer some of the points above, consider asking your team for their feedback. Connecting with and understanding what motivates your employees is the first step towards developing a strong employment brand with a high level of employee retention. The ultimate goal is be to be an 'employer of choice' with a strong pipeline of retained internal talent and an employment brand able capable of attracting the best talent externally.