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Struggling to secure top talent for your team?

Are you having difficulties securing the perfect new addition to your team? Or have you found the perfect candidate only to have them change their mind and back out before the start date? 

The healthcare industry already faces widespread talent gaps and shortages, now more frequently we are noticing that talent are reluctant to change jobs for a range of reasons.  At present this is predominantly due to living in such uncertain times, and candidates are prioritising job security and stability over their long-term career aspirations.

What can you as an employer do to overcome this issue and attract top talent to join you within the health industry?

Employer Brand - Whether candidates are graduates or experienced professionals, it’s common practice to research a potential employer before they apply for a job or before they accept a job offer. To help increase the number of applicants for an open vacancy, healthcare providers need to ensure their employer brand is positive and accurately reflects their business. Because of how competitive the current health market has become, we have found companies are attracting top candidates by the employee experience and perks they provide. Attracting candidates doesn’t always have to be monetary, you might consider incentives such as good work hours, fun company culture such as a social club or other creative perks, this way if your candidate is in a position with two offers equally desirable, you’re able to stand out from your competitors. 

Communication - Keep the line of communication open, ensure you have clear policies and procedures that the applicant is aware of and provide regular updates and feedback at each stage of recruiting your vacancy. It’s crucial to ask if the candidate has any concerns or reservations through every step of the process, as you don’t want to get to the offer stage only to have your desired candidate decline because they are having second thoughts or don't feel confident in accepting the offer. Changing jobs at any given time is a huge step let alone during a worldwide pandemic! 

Provide learning & development opportunities - To ensure you are able to keep your best talent you need to have a plan in place for retaining them. Healthcare specialists welcome ongoing progression and development that will diversify their skillset. The opportunity to learn is one of the most important motivators for a candidate when exploring career opportunities - you can read more about other drivers in our 2020 Market Insights Guide here

Offer a wellness program - Everyone knows of the pressures within the healthcare environment, so you may want to consider a program that helps your employees manage stress. For example, you may have a massage chair set up in the break room so your employees can take a 10 minute time out and relieve some tension, or see if any local community gym's or yoga studios offer discounted rates for healthcare professionals.

High turnover and job dissatisfaction within the healthcare industry can be avoided. A great employer brand, smooth recruitment process and a positive working environment and culture will ensure you attract and retain top talent within your team leaving you to focus on the job at hand, providing quality healthcare to New Zealanders.

If you’d like to chat with our Agency leaders about how they can help you with your employer brand, recruitment process or anything we’ve covered in this blog, send us an email to info@rwrhealth.com