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How appealing is your vacancy?

Before starting a candidate attraction strategy, allocate time to review your organisation's employment brand and vacancy appeal. The questions below focus on your organisations' reputation in the job market and therefore, the ability to attract (and retain) your people. 

Does your organisation have a reputable employment brand to assist in attracting the right calibre of candidates?

A favorable employment brand is seen as a competitive advantage to an organisation. As people ‘line up’ to work there, the organisation is seen as an ‘employer of choice’ and in most cases, these organisations experience reduced staff turnover and highly engaged teams. Earning a great employment brand reputation requires authenticity where ultimately, the characteristics become a part of your organisations DNA. If you’d like to read more about employment branding, this article may interest you. 

Does your remuneration package and benefits align or exceed expectations in the employment market?

How competitive is your salary band? How flexible are your rosters or opening hours? Are your incentives and/or benefits competitive? Benchmarking your remuneration package can significantly increase the value of your job opportunity and the attraction to potential candidates in the employment market.

Remembering that employment branding is a combination of benefits, attributes, practices, and the organisation’s reputation, employment branding encompasses the entire value proposition of your organisation. Employers in health, medical, and social services sectors should prioritise establishing a credible, trustworthy, and respected brand for both current and future employees and patients/customers.

Having a well-positioned employment brand and being known as an ‘employer of choice’ will support the appeal of open vacancies in your organisation - complimenting employee attraction strategies. A well-positioned employment brand has shown to reduce staff turnover and increase team engagement. Ready to review or discuss your organisation's employment brand and vacancy appeal? Contact us for a confidential discussion. 

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