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How to video interview like a pro

Connecting with a potential employer or candidate doesn't just involve an internet connection. These are the most important things you should be doing to ensure you get the best out of a video interview:

Download and test 
Ensure the right app (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom, Whatsapp) is downloaded, updated and ready to use. Try logging in at least 10 minutes before your meeting so you can tackle any issues that might come up. Test your connection is stable, and that your camera and microphone are working. Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged before you begin. We suggest making a test call beforehand, so you can begin the interview with peace of mind that everything is in working order. 

Things to consider when choosing where you will sit for your interview: Lighting, sound, background, distractions (pets or people). Ideally, you want to set up somewhere that is quiet, private, has natural lighting and a neutral background (blank wall for example). Check out the resources on offer at your local library if you don't have somewhere suitable in your home.

Dress the part 
A video interview is just as important as a face-to-face interview. While being at home may seem like an opportunity to wear pyjama pants - it is impossible to predict whether you may need to get up during the interview. Avoid wearing things like flamboyant patterns and loud jewellery as this can be distracting if in doubt keep it neutral. Dressing the part will also help you mentally ‘get in the zone’ for the interview.

Tools on hand
Make sure you have everything that you need on hand and close by. Resume - keep a copy within eyeshot to refer too, pen and paper for notes and questions that will arise and a glass of water (you can never be over-prepared). Make sure your phone is switched to silent or do not disturb.

You’re the star of this show
Nailing your body language is essential; try to avoid over the top hand gestures on a small screen as this will become distracting. And, as tempting as it may be to keep checking yourself out, this will be very apparent to the person on the other end so make sure you look directly into the camera. Smile and nod to show you are engaged. Actively listen to the questions and behave like you would in a regular interview. If in doubt, slow it down a little bit - internet connections at the best of times can sometimes lag. 

Lights, camera, action, smile! You're all set to wow and make the most of this opportunity. You've got it!

We’ve also put together a comprehensive interview guide here for more resources on how to ace your interview.