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Make the best impression at your interview

Regardless of the health, medical, or social services job you're interviewing for or the style of interview, the impression you make can determine whether you move to the next stage of the process or not.

We're sharing 3 tips to help you make and leave the best impression at your next interview:

1. Do your background research about the company and be ready to ask questions.

Before the interview, research the organisation and the leadership team. The aim is to have good knowledge of and where your potential role sits within in the organisation.

2. Show genuine interest and passion.

If you give the impression that you’d rather be elsewhere, or, the particular interview is for a job you’re not that interested in, you're wasting your time and the interviewers.

3. Avoid talking negatively or too openly about bad experiences with your previous employer.

Maintain your professionalism by explaining previous experiences or examples with a positive light. Bad mouthing or being too open and brutally honest can do more harm than good.

An interview is your chance to bring your resume, experiences, and personal brand to life! Turn this milestone into another one worth celebrating.