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How we are using technology to stay socially distant

At RWR Group, like most businesses we rely heavily on several aspects of technology for communication such as email, operating systems, video conferencing and VOIP (our phone system - techy abbreviation for voice over internet protocol). 

Ensuring that there is no breakdown in communication between our teams, candidates and clients is essential and can greatly impact our service levels. 

The technology companies we partner with have been intensively researched and trialled by our Operations team to ensure they are best practice providers, aligned to our needs and can provide a service with minimal downtime.

Here are some of the tech companies we have loved partnering with:

Our Operating System: 
G Suite
 - We use Gmail for email, the Drive for storing our information, Hangouts for video calling, Docs for our (well you guessed it - documents!) Having everything hosted in the cloud-enabled us to easily transition to working from home and means that anyone, anywhere at any time can work seamlessly as if they are in the office. 

Our VOIP phone systems: 
 - This simple to use software means that even with working from home our landline numbers are still contactable for people trying to reach us. Diverts can be set up to go straight to your mobile. It can also be used for instant messaging between colleagues and video conferencing which means all our communication needs are in one place!

Our CRM:
 - We manage a high volume of candidates at RWR group so partnering with JobAdder for our CRM  was a no brainer for us! They are always ahead of the pack with updates on what they offer. We’ve been able to segment our database and tailor our communication specifically to the intended candidates and clients. They also integrate with NPS surveys,  finance providers like Xero and various marketing programmes like Mailchimp. 

Our internal ‘watercooler station’:
Workplace by Facebook
 - No workplace is complete without some office banter or something lighthearted to bring a smile to a colleagues face.  We use this to communicate casually across the business (plenty of GIFS, puppy photos and what we’ve cooked for lunch whilst on lockdown).

What tools are your business using to remain socially distant while the world works from home? Let us know here.