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Hiring Migrants

Having recently shared the news of upcoming changes to New Zealand’s temporary work visas and how to be prepared, we’ve decided to revisit the subject of hiring migrants. 

From an employer’s perspective, the skill shortages facing the Health sector is a growing concern, and the limited supply of skilled on-shore talent drives off-shore sourcing activity, bringing skilled migrants into the country. While off-shore sourcing is a common practice for many organisations, there are some that have only just considered offshore sourcing in their candidate attraction strategy, and this article is written with the latter in mind. 

When it comes to hiring migrants, it’s important to know what's expected as an employer and what to expect during the process. Failing to comply with New Zealand Immigration and Employment Laws carry stiff penalties. Immigration New Zealand also strongly advises against giving and receiving advice on Immigration and Employment Laws from anyone except Immigration Advisors, so we’ve trawled immigration.govt.nz pages and provided 5 ‘must-read’ articles or starting points specific to hiring migrants. 

What to consider before hiring migrants.

Your responsibilities and obligations.

How long does the visa process take?

What is an accredited employer and should I become one? 

How do I know if a migrant can legally work for me?

For more information on hiring migrants, visit Immigration NZ’s dedicated employer resources here. We also recommend reaching out to Immigration experts like Malcolm Pacific. If you’re considering an international talent search, require an area of specialist expertise, or have exhausted your local talent pool, contact your local RWR Health