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RWR Health employment insights & hiring trends

As dedicated health, medical, and social services recruitment specialists, we’re passionate about providing relevant and credible employment trends and market insights to our sectors.  

Considering the various sectors (hospital/district health board, health centre/GP practice, NGO, community providers, private practice, physiotherapy, OT & rehabilitation, supply to health and pharmaceutical), the RWR Health 2019 Employment Insights & Hiring Trends Survey will closely examine and uncover employment insights and hiring trends related to staffing challenges, employment branding efforts and awareness, as well as employment brand or unique hiring initiatives in place.

Market insights

The ability to attract people using an organisations employment brand is a competitive advantage. Organisations with great employment brands have reduced staff turnover, engaged teams, and are identified as ‘employers of choice’, ultimately enhancing candidate attraction. RWR Health's 2019 Employment Insights and Hiring Trends report aims to support organisations in their employment branding practices by illustrating common initiatives and/or incentives organisations offer to attract and retain staff as well as employee benefits and incentives on offer - all of which we hope to uncover from the survey.

Hiring trends

Taking FTE counts (full-time equivalent headcounts) and increases or decreases in FTE over the past 12 months into consideration, we plan to acquire data around anticipated staff increases and decreases in the next 12 months, anticipated employment/staffing challenges facing organisations, and whether or not skill/staff shortages will significantly impact organisations in our sectors and to what capacity.

How can the data be used?

Data provided in RWR Health's 2019 Employment Insights & Hiring Trends report will enable you to benchmark and compare your hiring trends against your sector, as well as understand how or if your employment proposition and employment branding efforts are identified as aligned to industry standards, along with identifying challenges, areas, risks, and/or opportunities for your organisation to identify and resolve, ensuring your setup as an ‘employer of choice’.

Get involved, contributing data anonymously.

RWR Health's Employment Insights and Hiring Trends survey is now live! If you’d like to contribute to our hiring trends and market insights report, simply click on the link below. The survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete and your response is anonymous. Take part in the survey here!

Securing a copy of the findings

If you'd like to secure a copy of RWR Health's 2019 Employment Insights & Hiring Trends report, we invite you to sign up to be notified when the report becomes available here - it's easy and free! Alternatively, at any time we encourage you to get in touch with our Directors (Brad and Jeanette) to confidentiality discuss your organisation's challenges, anticipations, and employment branding practices. We look forward to updating you with the completed report, sharing it with those that have requested copies by making it free and available to download here.