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How Anyone in Healthcare can Benefit from a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a widely used platform by healthcare professionals in New Zealand, with many finding it to be an indispensable tool for advancing their careers. While many people associate LinkedIn with networking, it offers so much more than that.

LinkedIn operates similarly to Facebook, however, it has many more benefits that allow you to stay ahead of the curve in your industry and your career. Some of our favourite features include the ability to subscribe to newsletters, create a feed filled with relevant industry news and updates, and, of course, using it as a tool for career progression. It's a place to join a community filled with support, insights, and motivation within your industry, as well as any others you're interested in. It is important to remember that LinkedIn is not just for corporate business. Who you follow and connect with is truly up to you.

Due to a shortage of healthcare workers in the market, there is currently an abundance of career progression opportunities available. However, navigating through the diverse range of job options and companies can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Applying for jobs can also be challenging, especially when trying to understand whether you meet the qualifications or not.

Fortunately, LinkedIn can simplify the process. Your profile can include detailed information about your education, experience, skills, and background, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of your qualifications. This way, when organizations contact you about a job opening, you can be confident that you are suitable for the position. A LinkedIn study found that job seekers who regularly engage with content on the platform are 29 times more likely to get noticed by employers. Additionally, LinkedIn's job matching feature sends you a summary of jobs that apply to you every two weeks, where applying is as simple as clicking one button.

Facebook is a popular social media platform, but it's not the best option for professional networking and job hunting. While it can be convenient to join healthcare-focused groups, their primary purpose is to facilitate social interaction. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook lacks the essential features and functionality that recruiters, companies, and hiring managers require to find and engage with potential job candidates. Additionally, Facebook groups lack the searchability and discoverability that professional networking platforms offer, making it difficult to connect with like-minded professionals and find relevant groups.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, offers an all-in-one platform for connecting, finding job opportunities, researching companies, staying informed about industry news and insights, and showcasing professional achievements. It's more than just a resume, as it allows you to keep your personal and professional lives separate. This means you can maintain your privacy while still showcasing your professional expertise.

As a business, having a LinkedIn profile can help you connect with a broader scope of candidates and clientele. Establishing an online presence allows potential employees and clients to form a relationship with your brand before connecting with you. A LinkedIn page provides an opportunity to showcase your brand, mission, and values to a professional audience, and it can help establish your business as a leader in the industry. Building trust with potential clients, partners, and employees is also easier when you have a professional presence on LinkedIn.

These features make LinkedIn an excellent choice for professionals seeking to advance their careers and build their professional reputations. At RWR Health, we are proud to say we’ve found many candidates incredible jobs through their LinkedIn profiles that they never would have dreamed of beforehand. We wholeheartedly encourage every candidate and client to join the site to open the same pathways and opportunities. Remember, it’s not what you know, but who you know. And by joining LinkedIn, you’ll instantly be connected to millions of others.