Palliative Care Specialist GP New Zealand | Sydney_Australia

  • Highly sought after New Zealand location and team
  • Innovative and forward thinking Clinical Director
  • Key role in the senior team for a specialist who wants the best

One of New Zealands most reputable establishments driven an award winning team of passionate professionals

Nestled within some of Auckland’s most desirable urban landscapes on one side and stunning native bush and sweeping country terrain on the other side is a high profile award winning establishment

This establishment is a certified provider of specialist palliative care services and have a large, professional multidisciplinary team including palliative care specialist doctors, nurses, cultural support and social workers amongst many others.  

The true key to the extraordinary success of this beautiful collective of people be it the team or residents and their families are just that… the “people”.

Whether you are speaking with the CEO, Head of People of Culture or Fundraising, Business Manager, Clinical Director or any one of the 100+ FTEs, you get a sense of compassion, community and importantly you get a real sense of professionalism.  This is a sharp, well oiled operation and it shows.

Our Clinical Director is a innovative, sincere, optimistic, modern and highly inclusive leader.  He is well respected in the medical community and continually pushes the boundaries around modern thinking and cutting edge approaches to palliative care and needs of patients and their families.  He has a holistic approach to his work and is super passionate about best practice and the highest standards. But doesn’t want to be boxed in by old methods and thinking….

You will:

  • Support the Clinical Director and seek to improve standards and practice
  • Provide a holistic approach to your work taking into account the patient, family, community and any other variables on offer.  
  • Provide a holistic approach to your work in regards to services such as alternate therapies, traditional support and methods and be open to new learning
  • Play an integral role in the team dynamic and “lead” by example.  This role shall ideally be crafted into a 2IC type position
  • Offer exceptional communication and interpersonal skills rolled into a professional consultative and professional approach
  • Be willing to spend quality time with the team and patients
  • Get behind design lead thinking
  • Be on a path to being a respected thought leader and practitioner in ‘end of life’ support services

We definitely need some experience.  This is not an entry level role or train on the job opportunity.  We shall 100% offer professional development depending on your needs and direction but coming into the position with palliative care experience as a general practitioner is imperative.

You may note that this is mostly about the location, reporting line and some basic points.  If you have experience in palliative care as a GP and are thinking of a change than I would like to set a time to speak or meet (depending on your local or global location).  Of which I shall then get into the nuts and bolts of the organisation, leadership, philosophies, packages, residence, area and any assistance offered.

Goes without saying we will skills and certification check etc but for now we are simply looking to bridge a connection and discuss working in one of New Zealand’s most sort after establishments located in our little piece of paradise.

For ease of transition into this role we are interested in return to home locals and people with qualifications from the UK and Australia.  We can assist with your move over here and help you settle into Kiwi life. We are partnered with the best services and institutes to help make yours and your families move a great one.

Cheers - Brad Stewart, Director @ RWR Health


Category: General Practitioner

Location: Sydney_Australia

Work Type: Permanent

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Palliative Care Specialist GP New Zealand | Sydney_Australia

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Palliative Care Specialist GP New Zealand

One of New Zealands most reputable establishments driven an award winning team of passionate professionals

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