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The Wellbeing Budget

Since the ‘2019 Wellbeing Budget’  was announced, one question being asked looks specifically at employment, and what impact the $1.9B dedicated to improving mental health services may have on healthcare providers, given the skills shortage we’re already facing.

The key word is growth. It’s likely that as patient or client bases grow, so too will the headcount of healthcare providers. We anticipate recruitment to take top priority as healthcare providers ensure they’re hiring and retaining the best for their growing patient or client base.

For employers, with limited availability of skilled talent,  positioning your organisation as an ‘employer of choice’ with a strategic employment brand strategy is key to retaining and attracting skilled talent. Now is the time to work on ensuring the reputation of your employment brand is the best it can be.

If you haven't already committed to an employment branding strategy, start by assessing the state of your current employment brand:

  • What culture does your organisation and team have?
  • What progression plans do you have in place?
  • Do you offer any extraordinary points of difference from other organisations? For example, birthdays off or community volunteering days?
  • What ongoing training and professional development do you provide?
  • Is work-life balance encouraged?
  • What is the lifestyle like in your town, region, or city?
  • Is there affordable housing or accommodation in your community?

Ultimately, to retain and attract skill, your employment brand needs to be competitive and attractive. For a robust discussion about your organisations position in the employment market, or to get advice on positioning your organisation's employment brand contact our Directors Brad Stewart and Jeanette Rendle for a confidential chat.