Stunning Private Clinic - Contract Physiotherapist Wanted | Auckland_NewZealand

  • Part time or full time
  • Great leadership team with plenty of perks
  • Best coffee - right next door!

Part or full time to suit your needs. We believe you are who we need. Smart, professional and only after the best. Well known and respected operation

This is it.  This is the quintessential “modern look” bespoke physiotherapy private clinic.  Innovative, respected and entrepreneurial owner operators. A mix of senior and mid level experienced folks and a clear vision for the future.  Of which you quite possibly are part of?

Like yourself, you will be part of a team who got into this craft to help others.  Put simply, get people moving and physical with the best possible support and the best possible experience along their journey to recovery.  Mostly musculoskeletal MSK conditions but are ultimately all about offering bespoke assessment and individual treatment plans to the everyday individual.  They actually cover quite a wide and varied range of treatments. The look, feel and “vibe” of the location plus the awesome team and health philosophy are the difference here.

If you bring solid experience to the table, they will provide the tools and vehicle to work at your absolute best.  If those tools aren’t available than lets discuss this and see if they can be provided. Flexibility is at the core of the arrangement.  Ideally you shall be a contractor who can commit to regular hours which may be anything from 20 +++

This role is perfect for if you are:

  • Looking to supplement your hours or cut back.  We can design this around your schedule
  • Keen to align yourself with a smart savvy switched on group of people
  • Get into a safe, tidy and well presented clinic
  • Gain further opportunities to expand your skills safely 
  • Generally smarten up your operation significantly

Or you just want to say “yes… that’s where I work” with a sense of pride and satisfaction

We definitely need you to be registered with your annual practicing certificate (APC). 

If you are seeking a set number of hours per week or looking for a full time move then I would love to connect with you.  Please apply immediately and I shall be in touch or call me on 095207612 to discuss. 

This opportunity is live and ready to go.


Category: Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation

Location: Auckland_NewZealand

Work Type: Part-Time

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Stunning Private Clinic - Contract Physiotherapist Wanted | Auckland_NewZealand

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