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Solving the Job Search Puzzle

Looking for your next job in the health, medical, or social services sectors can be easier than figuring out a Rubix cube (have you ever mastered the cube?), all it will take is a little ownership, planning, and preparation.

First and foremost, we need to disclaimer this one: Your job search and where it leads you to should be decided by you - with some guidance and support from your mentors. You own it. This is your job search and its exciting!  

Heading into the component of planning and prep, to get a start on the Rubix cube, as soon as you gauge timing to be right for job change, sign up to relevant job alerts. Job alerts are specific to your criteria and preferences. Landing in your inbox, they can cut out hours of time spent searching all the job boards out there, refining them down and exposing you to only the most relevant.

Have an open and easily editable version of your cover letter and CV ready to go. This means that as soon as a job becomes available that tickles your fancy, there shouldn't be anything stopping you in applying right away. We recommend that you customise and tailor your CV and cover letter to each job you apply to, aligning it to the language and key selling points listed in the job advertisement. For example, if the advertisement talks about the ideal candidate loving the outdoors and being more on the casual side, include your top great escape walks - but only if you actually did them!!

Know where you stand with your current job (if applicable). What is your notice period? Are there any contractual obligations keeping you? This will help your current/former employer, yourself, and your prospective employer.

Lastly, recruit (no pun intended) and enlist in a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies are free to job seekers and are often your best shot at getting exposed to the most current and amount of job opportunities. Your dedicated recruitment consultant has your best interest and should be able to align those and your motivations to opportunities on offer. They’re like your middle man, you show up and win at the interview, and they run the process and paperwork - including getting you in front of potential employers - so no applications needed!

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