Lead Provider Vocational Rehab Physiotherapist | Waikato_NewZealand

  • Waikato region - Hamilton based
  • Surprise yourself with something new and outside the box in phsyiotherapy
  • Above market rate salary + vehicle + bonus + tools and MORE!

Highly respected leadership, growing brand and services, unique leadership opportunity and plenty of exciting duties

Looking for something different or maybe a shake up in your duties and re-focus on your career?  You may be who we are looking for, someone outside the box but let’s find out.

The client is a respected and sought after employer who is growing in brand, service and location throughout New Zealand.  It is a fabulous time to join this organisation as there is a heavy focus on internal talent and steady growth of the company resulting in unique opportunities for clinical professionals (like yourself) to excel and develop into more senior positions.

Opportunity currently exists in the Vocational Rehab team in Hamilton.  The role is similar to a commercial Team Leader and has leadership duties of roughly 30% in the form of management, reporting, guidance and business development which would most likely come naturally to you.  However there is a well structured framework for this aspect of the role. And of course a caseload of your own to keep you front line and working with individuals and businesses directly.

The sort of thing you will expect in your day to day are:
  • Worksite visits to assess work tasks, workflow and systems
  • Design and supervise a return to work plan
  • Liaise with the employer, case manager and medical personnel
  • Detailed reports including recommendations and progress
  • Assist with rehabilitation and reconditioning for early return to work
  • Individualised tailored programmes
  • May include Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy and stress/anxiety intervention if indicated
  • Timely reporting of plan, progress and discharge as appropriate
  • Assist with individual workstation requirements and set up.
  • Assessment and advice on management for pain and discomfort
  • Individualised exercise prescriptions
This role can either be more top heavy in client facing work or a mix of management and case load which is the preference.  You will have up to four staff reporting into you. We are really happy with an experienced physio to step into the role who are after the “next step” i.e. leadership or more senior duties.  There is plenty of mentoring and coaching for you in your role also!

If interested and would like to discuss this further, I welcome a call on 09 5207612 or simply apply directly.  Please provide a cover letter outlining your experience in relation to the above information.

Thank you - Brad Stewart, Director - RWR Health


Category: Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation

Location: Waikato_NewZealand

Work Type: Full-Time

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Lead Provider Vocational Rehab Physiotherapist | Waikato_NewZealand

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